Relating to excess baggage / personal-household effects cargo:

1. How do I get a quotation?
2. Which countries do you ship to?
3. Which airline/ocean liner do you use?
4. What method of shipment do you recommend?
5. Should I select Door-to-Door or Door to Port/Airport?
6. Do you arrange collection from my home?
7. What documentation do I need to provide?
8. Do you provide packing and packing boxes/material etc.?
9. Can I send my own luggage/suitcase or use my own cartons?
10. What is the maximum weight per carton or item?
11. Why is air freight charge sometimes based on volume and not on actual weight?
12. What items are prohibited for baggage shipment/air transport?
13. Is marine/transit insurance cover included in the price quoted?
14. What happens on arrival at destination?
15. Do I have to be at home to receive my goods?
16. How can I pay?
17. What carton sizes to you supply, do you charge for the same and how safe are they?
18. How do I make a booking?
19. Will JOL match prices from other companies?
20. Do you offer storage?
21. Will I have to pay duty & taxes?
22. Are there any charges at destination?
23. When will I receive my belongings?
24. Can I track my shipment online?
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